• Make your home your sanctuary.

    We know that navigating mobility issues within the home, and equipping your space to be safe and accessible can be challenging. Minor home modifications can make a huge difference in making your living space easier to navigate.

    Our dedicated Home Modifications team is committed to helping you improve quality of life in the home. Our goal is to equip your home with the right solutions to provide independence and safety, keeping you in your home for longer!


Our Home Modifications team is dedicated to helping you live comfortably and independently in your own home. We offer products and services to modify your space for safe and easy navigation, allowing you to move freely and enjoy the freedom and independence of living in a space that is tailored to your needs. Let us help you make your home a rewarding and enjoyable place to live.


We modify your space to be as safe and accessible as possible, to enhance your physical safety and give you peace of mind.


Enjoy freedom and independence in your own home, with a space that truly caters to your needs.


Move freely and easily in your newly modified space that’s set up to give you the most comfortable experience.


    • Fisher Lane Mobility specialise in all kinds of minor home modifications to make life just a little bit easier. From installing grab rails, to building ramps, we're here to help you live independently within the comfort of your own home.

      Our Home Modifications include:

    • Grab Rails

      Reduce anxiety that comes with walking upstairs, using the bathroom and other everyday activities. Increase safety in wet areas and areas that differ in the level of height. Assist in reducing fatigue and take control of everyday, regular movements, getting things done at your own pace.

    • Banister Rails

      Banister rails are a great way to maintain independence at home and help increase safety in areas that differ in level of height. They can be custom built to suit your stairs and walkways.

    • Access Ramps/Platform Steps

      Maximise your independence, reduce the risk of social isolation, and support general health and wellbeing. Platform steps can be installed to aid in accessing the house.

    • Hand Held Shower

      A hand held shower head is perfect for carers assisting their clients to shower. They can be height adjustable, making them more accessible for all heights.

    • Rubber Ramps

      A home’s threshold can present a serious risk for seniors and people living with a disability. Rubber threshold ramps can be custom made to suit any width and create a safe pathway that can easily be walked or wheeled over.



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