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Barwon A B24 Recliner/Lift Chair - Dual Motor

Barwon A B24 Recliner/Lift Chair - Dual Motor

Model: 6-O-BARA-B24-DM

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  • The B24 electric recliner/lift chair has a rechargeable 24 volt battery pack which allows you to move the chair around without concerns of damaging cords. The B24 has a push bar located on the backrest for ease of handling and manoeuvrability.

    This chair comes with 17cm front wheels and 10cm back castors with a foot brake. The B24 comes with a rechargeable 24volt battery, which allows the convenience of using your chair without being near a power supply. The B24 comes standard with a handle at the back of the chair so that the carer has ease of handling and maneuverability. The B24 also has a footplate to support the occupant's feet. The B24 has been manufactured to make the client as comfortable as possible, as well as being easy for carers to use.

    The footplate at the front of the chair (this is optional) supports the occupants feet by giving safety and comfort whilst being transported. As the chair lifts, the footplate tilts back on an angle that allows easy exiting. The rechargeable 24 volt power supply allows for convenient operation of the lift and recline functions. The battery can last up to 2 weeks without charging however charging can be completed and is recommended overnight.


    Seat Depth 49cm
    Seat Height 47.6cm
    Seat Width 54cm
    Back rest Height 62cm
    Arm rest Height 18cm
    Maximum User Weight 130kg