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Barwon A - Single Motor Recliner/Lift Chair

Barwon A - Single Motor Recliner/Lift Chair

Model: 6-O-BARA

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  • The Barwon features a three section back rest, offering excellent support to lower,
    middle and upper back. This is also adjustable to meet individual needs of comfort.
    The three position action allows for more versatility in positioning options. As your
    needs change over the years, the chair is able to be modified to meet these changes
    (back rest only). The Oscar single motor chairs have a wall saver feature and the
    leg rests will raise 90% of the way before the backrest starts to recline. The Barwon
    comes with Velcro removable back cushions
    The Velcro makes it easy to clean and enables minor adjustments to their positions
    on delivery.

    Available in a range of different fabrics.


    Seat Depth 49cm
    Seat Height 47.6cm
    Seat Width 54cm
    Overall Width 81cm
    Overall Length (fully reclined) 154cm
    Back rest Height 64.7cm
    Arm rest Height 18cm
    Maximum User Weight 130kg


    Other Options:

    Details                                    Mini A B C
    Seat Depth 45.5cm 49cm 52cm 54.5cm
    Seat Height 45.6cm 47.6cm 49.6cm 54.6cm
    Seat Width 54cm 54cm 54cm 54cm
    Overall Width 81cm 81cm 81cm 81cm
    Overall Length (fully reclined) 150cm 154cm 157cm 165cm
    Back rest Height 63.6cm 64.7cm 68.8cm 71.8cm
    Arm rest Height 19.9cm 18cm 19cm 19cm
    Maximum User Weight 130kg 130kg 130kg 130kg