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Conni Bed Pad Mate - 85x95cm

Conni Bed Pad Mate - 85x95cm

Model: 4-C-BP-M

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  • The Conni Bed pad Mate is versatile and suitable for all bed sizes. It measures 85cms x 95cm with bound edges for longer life. The Bed Pad is comprised of a soft polyester top layer a highly absorbent core and a breathable PUL waterproof backing. The Conni Bed Pads are placed on top of the bottom sheet. We recommend the user lies directly on top of the Conni Bed Pad with underpants or light clothing only worn from the waist down. If heavy clothing is worn below the waist the user may feel wet. Conni Bed Pads are designed to 'trap' fluid, ensuring a comfortable, dry night's sleep.