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Positioning Slide 137x46cm

Positioning Slide 137x46cm

Model: 4-RAPS13746S0

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  • The Positioning Slide enables carers to easily slide someone into the back of a chair with an open back using the strength of their legs not arms. It's used when the person is not at risk of sliding forward and doesn't need continuous repositioning. It is particularly useful for correctly positioning people on pressure cushions; seating the elderly at dining tables; or repositioning people with a disability on their wheelchair.

    Fold the Positioning Slide with the majority out the back. Patient leaning slightly forward, their feet on the ground or on footplates. With carer’s foot in the handle press down. Pull lower layer to remove. To transfer someone across surfaces, use a transfer board between a folded Positioning Slide to ease it under patient. Remove board and place under patient. Lean patient toward the direction of travel and use the handles to pull or turn the patient.