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ROHO Love that Valve Cushion Leatherette Black

ROHO Love that Valve Cushion Leatherette Black

Model: 3-SDLTV-LB

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  • By using adjustable interconnected air-filled cells the LTV cushion will redistribute your body weight to minimize pressure. Take it anywhere! Lightweight design and air valve make it easy to fold and carry your LTV from car to office to stadium to plane - anywhere your busy life takes you! Height: Adjustable 1 - 2" Promotes healthy circulation to reduce numbness and pain Completely portable take it everywhere you sit! Weighs only one (1) pound A plastic DRY FLOATATION cushion designed for comfort. The LTV is an air filled cushion with interconnected cells to allow immersion and envelopment. The cover provides some extra padding. Can be used on a variety of settings to provide comfort. Scooter Office chair Car seat Plane Sporting and concert events.


    Size 19"x17"
    Product Weight .5kg