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Swivel Cushion Quilted Top

Swivel Cushion Quilted Top

Model: 4-DTA

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  • The Swivel Cushion makes it easy to enter or leave a car as a passenger or a driver.
    Its soft cushions remain comfortable to sit upon for even the longest of journeys.
    The non-slip base keeps the cushions in place, they will mould to the shape of the bucket seat and still swivel easily.

    When entering the car sit fully over the cushion. You will then swivel with your back to the rear of the seat. If you can only sit partially on the cushion, wriggle into the back. If this is difficult you will be assisted by the use of the One Way Slide Lite from SlideAssist. Place the One Way Slide over the cushion approximately in line where you will sit. This will help you slide into the correct position either before or after you swivel. It will grip in place and prevent sliding forward.

    The person entering or leaving a car may also be asisted by using a Handybar inserted into the U-Bolt on the car door. Gripping the handle provide extra support during the transfer.