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Toilet Seat Raiser with Lid

Toilet Seat Raiser with Lid

Model: 5-DSTS-5L

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  • The ability to manage toileting independently is important. These aids may make toileting safer and may lead to increased privacy in this very personal activity. A raised toilet seat placed over the toilet provides increased height, which makes getting down onto and up from the toilet easier. The seats are secured to the toilet bowl by two strong, adjustable brackets on the sides and a lip bracket at the front. Bonded, slip-resistant rubber buffers keep the seat firmly attached to the porcelain. Designed to fit toilets of most standard sizes.They feature moulded rubber slip-resistant feet


    . 5cm Toilet Seat 10cm Toilet Seat 15cm Toilet Seat
    Length 40cm 40cm 40cm
    Seat Height 5cm 10cm 15cm
    Width (at the brackets) 41cm 41cm 41cm
    Maximum User Weight 150kg 150kg 150kg